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On June 13rd ccelera attended the seventh edition of SAP Service Infoday in Vimercate, the national event focus on the digitalizazion and on the importance of a partnership to deal the future challenges.

One of these is the start on 25th may 2018 of General Data Protection Regulation, the regulation that aim to manage the protection of person sensible data.

With GDPR, European Commission wants to unify and strenght persons data protection trough a set of rules (Art. 4 Sez. 1 GDPR):


The purposes of the GDPR are:

  • to increase the individual right introducing the right to ‘be forgotten’;
  • enhance the application of the legislation, and to make compulsory the respect of the GDPR also for non UE company that use European citizen data;
  • harmonize the normative in UE.

GDPR is so huge that doesn’t exist, at the moment, a product that can satisfy all requirements. SAP has the advantage to own the best of breed solutions to provide a global platform to enable GDPR compliance both on SAP and no SAP systems.


During the meeting, SAP, in collaboration with ccelera, presented an approach to reach the compliance on time. There will be three macro phases:

  • first assesement: informative fluxes analysis related to sensible data;
  • design of SAP ILM (Informatian Lifecycle Management) that allows to manage the block and cancellation of SAP and non SAP data;
  • pilot for the implementation of SAP ILM solution related to the customer shared perimeter.

The benefits given by the first two steps are arise from the visibility and consciusness of the gaps that the firms has to resolve to be compliant to the new legislation on the personal data management.