Fast predictions and interventions: how ccelera can help HR with SAP Analytics Embedded Edition

Fast predictions and interventions: how ccelera can help HR

Managers need to increasingly make quick decisions, but one of the biggest difficulties they find along their path is the lack of adequate instruments allowing them to better analyze the business situation from the point of view of the organization of human resources.

The importance of the analysis of events in the human resources

There is indeed an urgent need to have an easily accessible overview of the dynamics linked to the whole world of HR. This means employee satisfaction, the ability of managers to assign realistic and achievable goals, the reasons for sudden defections and other similar events, whether they are ordinary or extraordinary.

At ccelera, thanks to our experience with SAP ecosystem products, we can provide companies with various functional solutions to give them the chance to create clear, intuitive, dynamic and interactive story reports and dashboards.

SAP People Analytics Embedded Edition

The solution offered to those who have this kind of need is SAP People Analytics Embedded Edition, that is the SAP application which allows companies to quickly and easily benefit from a simple tool to keep track of what is happening in the company, or phenomena and trends related to human resources. SAP People Analytics Embedded Edition makes it possible to obtain reports and projections through a clear and easy-to-use interface, suitable especially for people who need to work quickly but accurately.

The benefits of SAP People Analytics Embedded Edition

The user friendly reporting offered by the SAP People Analytics Embedded Edition system facilitates the work of managers and supports the company both from an economic point of view (namely, purchasing new licenses is not necessary) and from that of data analysis, because in a very simple way it is possible to create a reasoned correlation between elements that could previously seem random to us or where we could only assume a causal relationship.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, even in the HR world we can make a considerable leap forward!

We at ccelera provide all our know-how relating to the SAP offer, contact us for personalized advice and to find out with what concrete tools we can accelerate your business!

Luca Giaretta
Project Accelerator