Fatturazione elettronica 2019: SAP update!

ccelera - SAP fatturazione elettronica update ottobre

Fatturazione elettronica 2019: SAP update!

On Tuesday 9 October 2018 at 12 pm ccelera is pleased to invite you to the webinar “Fatturazione elettronica 2019: SAP update!”.

In Italy private e-invoicing will be mandatory from 1st January 2019. During the webinar we’ll analyse the regulatory framework and we’ll discover how thanks to ccelera it is possible to ccelerate and simplify the e-invoicing processes: adapting to the regulatory framework it’s an opportunity to optimise processes and to strength your relation with customer and suppliers.

Discover how to ccelerate your compliance and maximise your business processes with ccelera and SAP, subscribe to the webinar!