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GDPR compliance: build a stronger customer loyalty with ccelera

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has now came into effect. ccelera can help you make the most of digital transformation in full compliance with the new privacy regulation. ccelera has recently configured for an important university and a electrical appliances firm a marketing contact management solution compliant to the new GDPR legislation. ccelera supports its customers in all the required actions for the cross channel data collection. GDPR compliance requires process and attitude changes throughout the organisation in the way that customer contact and consumer data are acquired and collected, processed, stored and retained. Now thanks to ccelera solutions both our customers can provide data consistency across the organisation’s landscape building deeper trust and loyalty with new and existing customers through the handling of their personal data.

And what about you, how’s going with your GDPR compliance? If you want to know more or for any further information contact us for a ccelerated meetup!