Smart solutions to improve work from home

Smart solutions to improve work from home

The pandemic is rapidly changing the way we think about the world of production and sales: companies worldwide are trying to find smart solutions to adequately respond to the problems of this crisis. Work from home, perhaps improperly called smart working, is one of the answers. The reduction and subsequently the cancellation of working hours in the office have entailed that major brands have the need for rapid technological adaptation, which is not always easy.

ccelera has always offered the possibility of smart working, which provides remote work for our employees. Smart working means that the employee can independently choose times, ways and places to perform their tasks in the best way possible and with the least possible effort. This does not always mean “working from home”, but these days there has been no choice and we too have had to accept (and win) some challenges posed by the mandatory distance.

Luckily, we started from a fairly proven track record, therefore during these days we only had to slightly change the approach to maximize productivity; for this reason we would like to sum up some useful tips to improve the new remote working experience.


With colleagues

  • Do not forget to listen to your colleagues: they are probably going through a very fragile emotional condition, we cannot know how many of them have family issues and their job may be a piece of normality which helps them not to give in to sadness. Remember to always take a moment to ask each other “How’s it going?”;
  • Managers should leave more margin for decision-making, empowering their colleagues with tasks in order for them to feel more involved. As far as possible, it is good to encourage proactivity in job management, so as to prevent the sense of abandonment and inadequacy that could occur in these difficult times;
  • People who work in offices with many colleagues are used to interacting with a large amount of people on a daily basis. Find a way to recreate these moments, even with a phone call, not necessarily a business one;
  • Never forget to celebrate a success, a completed task, a good intuition or a job well done. Distance cannot put a stop to the mutual recognition of important goals achieved, if this were to happen many people would feel like they’re not doing enough;
  • Be patient and much more flexible than usual. Your colleagues are probably going through a jungle of teenagers glued to the Playstation, young children who need company, even younger children with infant necessities… and they are all at home together, 24 hours a day, 7 days out of 7. Be very, very, very sympathetic.


With clients

  • Keep in touch and let them know how you are managing the situation and what you are doing to carry out the activities without inconvenience;
  • In case you have stores or offices open to the public, be very precise in communicating closing times and how to contact you. In case you can keep open because you belong to the list of activities that have the possibility to do so, do not forget to communicate your security measures;
  • Work out some engaging promotions where possible, make it clear to your customers that the brand they have loved and sought with so much confidence for years has not changed and will not change due to this situation. People need to feel reassured, a targeted promotion can be welcomed with enthusiasm.


Finally, the very important thing is to make this almost surreal experience your own and try to take advantage of the opportunity both to learn something new and to boost resilience. If we all do it, not only will we be able to overcome these times, but we will probably have new means to be more prepared for future events.