TAP. TAP. BUY! How ccelera accelerates your business

TAP. TAP. BUY! How ccelera accelerates your business

Customers today attribute increasing value to simple and smart consumer experiences, which allow you to shop on any device and through any channel without running into complex procedures that are difficult to manage.

What do consumers want? Buy with a single TAP, reduce waiting times and customize the experience as much as possible.

ccelera has the expertise to guide you through the rapid and fast implementation of a SAP solution that meets your needs and those of your customers.

The SAP Upscale Commerce solution perfectly responds to this need of the consumer, without the seller having to engage in heavy and complicated replatforming activities that require months of ongoing project and developers constantly at work.

There is no code to write, in a few days you can get a platform perfectly functioning in the cloud and offer your customers a brand new shopping experience, totally personalized and mobile-first. The philosophy of the SaaS formula (software-as-a-service) allows not only the speed of implementation, but also the constant certainty that the software is always up-to-date without direct actions.

The personalization of the shopping experience is possible thanks to an integrated artificial intelligence system which, by collecting information regarding the customer journey, provides the customers with a whole series of items that reflect their taste, needs and expectations. In a nutshell, the right product is presented to the right person at the perfect time.

To date, artificial intelligence is the right answer to minimize time-to-market: with ccelera you will enter into the mechanism of the most advanced artificial intelligence, reaping the maximum benefit.

This increases the possibility of selling, reducing the physiological dispersion of customers. The experience is personalized from the initial proposal to the delivery of the product, allowing the customer to choose pickup in person or the courier at home, thus creating a real multichannel customer journey, in order to allow the customers to switch from any device to the other, up to the physical presence in store.

To further deepen all the revolutionary features of SAP Upscale Commerce you can contact us at any time.

We will provide you with these and many other valid reasons to entrust us with the growth of your business, also presenting some of our highly successful cases.

Merve Emine Varol
Project Accelerator