Greetings from Paris!

Greetings from Paris!

Paris is the city of Light and the city of Love, but it is also known as one of the capitals of Fashion. Many of the fashion designers that have challenged fashion standards and have established all-time trends are indeed from Paris. Parisian fashion is pure elegance and very inspiring but is not exempted by the rapid changes that are affecting the fashion industry nowadays. Customers are now overwhelmed by an apparently unlimited assortment of brands and product quality is not sufficient anymore. Brands have now to create a pleasant, modern and personalized shopping experience in order to capture consumer’s attention.

Thanks to the powerful features of SAP Commerce Cloud solutions and to ccelera’s experience in system integration, one of these Parisian fashion brands is now able to stand out from the crowd and offer its customers an incomparable shopping experience while increasing its commerce team’s productivity and its organisation’s agility by using a single digital platform.

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