Greetings from Rome

Greetings from Rome

Rome, as capital of Italy, is widely recognized as one of the best cities to enjoy and experience all the best products and dishes the Italian cuisine can offer. Many companies operating in the Food & Beverage industry have indeed established their headquarters in the Eternal City. Firms doing business in this sector have complex structures involving tons of business activities ranging from warehouse management, plant maintenance and quality management to logistics, distribution, customer service, and much more.

One of these Food and Beverage companies has found in ccelera’s experience in system integration and SAP’s cutting-edge software solutions the best partners to manage such a vast and complex amount of business operations. Thanks to SAP Enterprise Resource Planning solutions, this firm can now rely on a proven system to streamline all processes across procurement, manufacturing, service, sales, finance, and HR, optimizing time and resources.

Get in touch with us or come meet us at our new offices in Rome to explore all the features and benefits offered by SAP ERP. We’ll be glad to evaluate your needs and provide the most suitable solution to your team.

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