Greetings from Switzerland

Greetings from Switzerland

Switzerland is a country with an excellent manufacturing industry but little natural resources, imposing foreign trade as the main source of GDP. The EU is predictably Switzerland’s major trading partner, and the most important trade goods are chemicals, machinery and electronics. Firm operating in such complex industries require advanced Enterprise Resource Planning systems to streamline their processes across procurement, manufacturing, service, sales, finance, and HR.

One of these Swiss companies has found in ccelera and SAP its natural partners. Thanks to the powerful features of SAP ERP and SAP Basis, and ccelera’s experience in system integration, the firm can now optimize time and resources like it never did before. A flexible, secure and fast system to manage all the most important company’s processes from a single software solution.

Get in touch with us to explore all the features and benefits offered by SAP ERP and and SAP Basis. We’ll be glad to evaluate your needs and provide the most suitable solution to your team.

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